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Welcome to classyvanity.com. Classy Vanity was born, raised and made with love in 2010. We provide one of the largest ranges of vanity mirrors around the world including Hollywood mirror, lighted mirror, tabletop mirror and many other classic series. We’ve been doing the best to create perfect vanity products for our customers. If you are new to Classy Vanity, this guide will help.

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Our eyes are the mirror to the soul. What best means to see them over via a vanity mirror? A vanity mirror is a kind of mirror that is mostly utilized to spruce up or cosmetics. These mirrors are convenient gadgets that permit you to view all the micro subtleties in your facial features, and as well permit you to acquire an extra closer peep while you tweeze your blend foundation, facial hair, and so forth.

Why Do You Want To Purchase A Quality Vanity Mirror?

Vanity mirrors are a significant part of any household. Every so often connected with making spaces look greater, mirrors present a specific appeal of thoughtfulness, style, and magnificence to any room. They permit occupants to conceal flaws on walls and backdrop just as enhancing the lighting of any room.

How to Buy A Vanity Mirror on classyvanity.com?

Our vanity mirrors are divided into 7 categories, Hollywood Mirror Category is our best-selling category. In additions, you can easily shop your vanity mirror by size, price, shape and functions. Selecting a vanity mirror isn't just about structure; there are loads of elements that become possibly the most essential factor while choosing the most suitable vanity mirror such as:

  • Picking The Size

The size of the mirror is indispensable that you ought to contemplate in particular. You should initially gauge the vanity, countertop, and fitting place prior to your buy. While estimating, leave 3 to 4 inches (ca. 10 cm) on all the edges to make it a showpiece. In case that you need broad coverage, at that point choose a size that can cover the vanity or countertop. Or probably settle on a somewhat lesser size or medium-sized mirror so you can set up different fixtures alongside the mirror.

  • Picking The Shape

After you have chosen the size & area of the fixing, you will promptly need to choose the size as indicated by your prerequisites and decor. It is possible that you can select a shape that mixes with the state of different installations in the restroom, or you can choose a one of a kind one to bring contrast. You can select a square or rectangular shape that is regular in the market and fills in as a conceivable option.

The oval and round-shaped mirrors likewise fill in as a decent alternative as they will bring an exquisite and vintage touch to the washroom. Notwithstanding, on condition that you are attempting to make the mirror the centers of fascination, at that point pick an abstract shape, and they are accessible in a wide assortment.

  • Picking The Type

Alongside the shape, choose what sort of mirror will work out positively for your washroom. While picking, decide whether you need the mirror for a beautifying, functional reason or both. The most mainstream alternative you will get is a wall mirror, and they end up in a wide assortment of designs and shapes.

Wall mirror additionally fills in as the correct decision on condition that you need to add drama; however, they are huge and necessitate stands for placement. In the event that you don't care for these two, at that point you can obtain a dressing table that is compact and effectively fits with your restroom vanity. They are customizable and come in different models.

  • Picking The Frame

Presently, your responsibility is to choose the frame sort of mirror, and you ought to be cautious with this since it will determine styling and durability. Wooden is a commendable decision that not just carries an aesthetic touch to the stylistic layout yet, in addition, makes the mirror the central point in the restroom. In case that you have a rich and lavish stylistic theme, at that point, it’s prescribed that you gilded frame since they convey a great deal of itemizing and current structures.

Mirrored frames can likewise fill in as the precise choice; however, they mix well with the contemporary and urban stylistic layout. Though, in the event that you need a totally clear and direct standpoint, at that moment the frameless structure is perfect. They are practical as well as expand the space.

  • Picking The Finish

Prior to making the acquisition, the final factor you should reflect is the finish. In any case, you will have unlimited options with regard to finishing, yet you have to choose explicit finishes that are ideal for your settings. Pencil edge, patina, beveled edge, and seamed edge are high-class finishes that can carry a dramatic effect in your washroom decor without impeding the functionality. You can likewise pick colorful and artisan finishes in light of the fact that they convey an aesthetic and retro look to your restroom.


How To Set Up Vanity Mirrors On Wall?

Anyway, you may consider calling an expert for the installation of your new restroom mirrors. Nonetheless, imagine a scenario in which we reveal to you that you can do it without anyone else by simply following some straightforward steps.

First and foremost, find a perfect space where you need to fix the mirror, and it is smarter to fit it over vanity or restroom furniture. Clear the wall space and ensure the wall is free from interior funnels.

Presently mark the zone by provisionally holding the mirror against the divider. It is smarter to call a relative or companion to hold the mirror with the goal that you can ensure whether it is appropriately leveled. While marking, attempt to keep up 3 - 4 inches (ca. 10 cm) space from the vanity or some other furnishings. In any case, it ought to go over or beneath the normal face stature, particularly in the event that you are utilizing little or face the mirror.

Take a strong drill & drill the marked openings on the divider. For appropriate precautions, you can utilize masking tape to confirm that you will up to a specific depth. Conversely, on condition that you are going to drill on designer tiles or wall, at that point cover the encompassing gap area with tape to forestall damage.

Now the time has come to connect the mirror to the wall with the assistance of screws. Ask your household or companion to hold the mirror while you fix it with a screwdriver. Finally, prior you take a look at your reflection; reveal the mirror by detaching the plastic layer.

How should I Pay for my order?

We mainly use PayPal and Credit Cart for our shop, most users would like PayPal express checkout just like below:

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What are the shipping method and delivery time?

It will take 1-2 business days to process your order. And we use DHL, 4PX and FedEx for shipping, which will take 5-14 days for shipping. You can click here to learn more about our shipping policy.


What my product is broken?

We offer 30 days warranty for all vanity mirrors, if you received a defective product, please take a photo and email us in 24 days, we will process your request in 24 hours!


Other questions

If you still have questions, please click our FAQs and Return & Refund for more details.



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