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Vanity mirrors additionally prevalently named Hollywood mirrors are both timeless and chic likewise add style and allure to the whole affair.

Regardless of whether you may never show up on the tiny screen or the big screen, you also can have the brilliant experience and the luxurious indulgence of having such a spot to get ready for your daytime or evening time events.

You try sincerely and you play hard. You merit a rich space wherein to spoil yourself and make yourself as lovely outwardly as you are within and to appreciate each snapshot of it.

Vanity mirrors are an absolutely loved kind of mirror, chiefly because of their broadly lavish appearance that brings a distinct and exquisite feeling to any room where it's set. Not exclusively are they extremely lovely bits of decor, they are additionally fantastically valuable.

Hollywood Mirror

Vanities offer you a tremendous, perfectly clear mirror and matchless lighting quality, the two of which guarantee that you accomplish the absolute best outcomes when you're applying your cosmetics or doing some other piece of your magnificence regime — the entirety of this while having gratifying experience.


These days we can discover two kinds of vanity mirrors such as:

  • Wall-mounted
  • Tabletop

Making A Hollywood Vanity Mirror

  • Stage 1: Stuff Required

The things that you will require are:

Vanity Mirror

  • 1x 30x40 frameless mirror
  • 2x stick/peel LED vanity light sets
  • 4x wall mirror clips — mirror wall hanging kit
  • Rose gold spray paint
  • Clear finish spray
  • Painters tape
  • Brown craft paper

Desk Topper

  • rolls white paper
  • little woodblock
  • stamp carving block
  • lino cutter
  • rose gold ink pad
  • transfer paper got stick
  • moon icon printout

Note: The desk topper items are required 1 each!

Makeup Organizer (DIY)

  • Rose gold spray paint
  • 300 grit sandpaper
  • Clear finish spray paint
  • Dollar store makeup organizers
  • Stage 2: Rose Gold Frame

Measure an edging around the mirror and imprint with a mirror safe marker yet don't hesitate to make a profundity that works for yours!

  • Stage 3: Conceal Exposed Parts

Tape and cover inside mirror ensuring there are no uncovered parts appearing.

  • Stage 4: Ventilate

Carry the mirror to a well-ventilated space (carport or outside) and cautiously spray the uncovered frame. Coat until you are content with the look.

Hint: Remain around 1-foot distance from the mirror and utilize short bursts in a similar direction. Proceed with this until completely coated. Indeed, this takes some time yet this will guarantee you have even coverage & zero paint pooling.


  • Stage 5: Clear It Up!

Coat edging with a clear coat splash paint. (Let dry).

  • Stage 6: Expose

Take off the tape and inside covering.

  • Stage 7: Connect The Lights

Peel & stick your vanity light lot uniformly over the frame and join together. Anyway, that was simple! The majority of light units will have loose wire visible between each light. Any wire unearthed on the front that can be painted with a fun copper color. Plugin and enjoy it!

  • Stage 8: Desk Topper

In case that you possess a desk with a glass top that rests on the wood top, a basic method to include some flair and personality is to bring in a piece of wallpaper or customized paper beneath.

  • Stage 9: Stamp

Draw or print out your stamp to structure to a preferred size such as the Sailor moon icon. Set a piece of transfer paper (locate at sewing or craft stores) between print out & stamp carving block (utilize the snappy speedy blocks) and trace over outline. Utilizing a lino cutter cautiously cut away the block material from the structure.

Begin with the tiniest blade and work on to the grater blade. All you requisite left is the raised outline, trim away any additional material. Hot glue your rubber stamp to a scrap bit of wood. This makes it simpler to grip your stamp; in addition to you can retain your stamp and utilize it countless occasions.

  • Stage 10: Print

Carve and gauge the paper to the size of your desktop, utilizing an ink pad in rose gold, stamp any shape you desire on your paper roll. Stamps aren’t seamless; grasp the lopsided prints you make as a component of the structure. On condition that you can't locate an ink pad, you can utilize paint; brush on as uniformly as could be expected under the circumstances, and clean away superfluous between stamps.


  • Stage 11: Contemplate A Makeup Organizer

Makeup organizers are an incredible method to sort out your cosmetics and keep it on the show! A ton of popular makeup organizers can be exorbitant, so one can find it in a dollar store and discovered adorable clear makeup organizers that just cost around $5 to purchase.

  • Stage 12: Lightly Sand

Give light sand above the surfaces utilizing 300-grit sandpaper. The plan is to mess up the surfaces (only a bit) with the goal that your spray paint has something to take hold of.

  • Stage 13: Prep

Prep your organizers in a thoroughly ventilated space, and ensure your table surfaces with a drop fabric or discard paper.

  • Stage 14: Spray Phase 1 & 2

Phase 1: Rightfully spray paint the organizers until completely covered. Attempt to make an even spray across staying around a half a foot of space away from the item. Doing little sprays versus substantial segments help abstain from pooling with your paint. (Let dry).

Phase 2: Spray a clear topcoat on your organizers to ensure the paint is sealed in a progressively tough for regular deterioration. (Let dry).

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