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Why Choose our Tri-fold Vanity Mirror?

Make your morning schedule simpler with a trifold mirror. Tri-fold mirror permit you to view your profile along with face straight-on simultaneously, which makes it significantly straightforward to apply cosmetics immaculately and precisely, with no contorting.

The trifold mirror is an ultimate selection for a vanity table. The two-sided mirrors fold totally flat if necessary so one can set the whole mirror against a divider for a most extreme reflective area or fold them in to obtain another point on your morning schedule.

Created from solid glass with a mirror finish, this adaptable triple mirror is perfect for seeing your entire face clearly whilst putting on cosmetics and it's uncomplicated to fold away when not being used to shield from dirt or harm. Large Tri-fold mirror models are useful for the home, alongside certain compact alternatives that are incredible for work or travel.

Exquisite Design

The wonderful tabletop vanity mirror together with beveled mirror borders has basic lines that offer the plan a contemporary exquisite look, raising its plain rectangular outline from drab to fab.

Reasonable Size

Small: 30" L × 20.8" H — completely extended, 15" L × 20.8" H — folded

Huge: 39.4" L × 27.5" H — completely extended, 19.7" L × 27.5" H — folded


Three-panel mirrors can be situated from numerous points of view; giving you an assortment of viewing angles consequently you can view yourself similarly as others see you.

Vanity Station

Converts any table, flat surface or countertop into a staggering makeup vanity station, providing you ideal angles to see yourself while putting cosmetics on or doing your hair.

Wall Mounted/Freestanding

It can be utilized as a freestanding unit and sit tenderly on a tabletop or can be hooked up flat to embellish a wall (upheld with D-rings for wall mounting)

Eco-Friendly Stuff

Prepared of firm MDF frame that offers excellent quality and guarantees the item's structural veracity after some time.

No Assembly

Nix assembly obligatory for vanity mirror.

Notwithstanding how you handle it, it will include a component of immortal workmanship deco style.